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Within few months we saw results & now we are ranking on the first page for many of the search terms on all the search engines. We are already seeing nearly 40% more inquiries daily! Thanks Digital Pentagon

EEMinibuses called on our services with the requirement of a website to bring work their way as a means to generating leads for their business

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Digital Pentagon SEO Essex, London and Birmingham Results


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a marketing discipline that intends to improve your search engine visibility for terms that are relevant to your brand.

Talking of return on investment (ROI), it is one of the most cost-effective marketing techniques. An SEO strategy that is designed to be flexible can help you gain a significant advantage over your competitors. It empowers you to reach new domain of customers while improving your bottom line.

But….SEO is tough!

Your competitors are getting all smarter over the time, and search engines keep changing their rules and algorithms. What’s needed is a SEO strategy that understands this highly complex discipline and its many different elements. A strategy that understands the search engine!

Why us?

Choose Digital Pentagon and let our enterprising team of digital marketing professionals tailor make an SEO strategy for you. Having a long, proven track record in delivering results for businesses, we assure you measurable success.

Scour our SEO services below:

  • Keyword Research & Selection

We choose the best keywords for you depending upon your targeted audience, commercial intent, competitiveness and search volume. This is important because some keywords deliver greater ROI than others.

  • Technical Site Audit & Optimization

We meticulously analyze and optimize the technical set-up of your website including page titles, descriptions, internal linking, information structure, page loading speed, etc. This is done to speed up the process. A site that’s excellently optimized from technical point of view takes less time to achieve good rankings than one that’s poorly optimized.

  • Conversion Optimization

No matter how much traffic you earn to your website, a site that cannot convert is useless to run. We, therefore, analyze and optimize your sales pages and calls-to-action to encourage visitors to buy, call or email.

  • Set-up Tracking & Reporting

We set-up your Analytics to measure key performance indicators, track how people reach to your website and how they interact with it. This data reflects how successfully your SEO campaign is working.

  • Content Development

Your content is what truly defines you. A good content helps boost your search rankings and helps you connect with your customers. It will encourage your visitors link to it, share it and buy from you. We, therefore, improve the quality and focus of your website’s content to make it more appealing not only to the search engines but to the people as well.

  • Link Building

Acquiring backlinks from relevant and trustworthy sources is vital to improve your site’s online authority and rankings. The more links you have pointing towards your site, the higher will be your ranking in search engines.

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