Simply Scotches Top 10 many high priced Scotch in the whole world

The true Men’s beverage

Monday, January 31, 2011

Have you ever wondered, when you yourself have some free money lying around, just what will be the most high-priced container of scotch you should buy? Realistically speaking, it shall oftimes be a container of Johnnie Walker Gold for my situation. But when you’re hanging together with Bill Gates plus the loves, check out ridiculously high priced bottles of scotch which may get your fancy:

10) Chivas Regal Royal Salute, 50 yrs old. Price: $10,000

The Chivas Regal 50-year Royal Salute is released in 2003 as being a special version to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II 50 years regarding the throne (coronation day in 1953). Each container comes with a hand-engraved gold plaque that is 24-carat. There have been just 255 containers on the planet.

9) The Macallan 1939, 40 yrs. Old. Price $10,125

First bottled in 1979, this peaty and effective whisky that is sold with dried fresh fruit and sweet toffee tastes was re-bottled in 2002, and put into McCallan’s Fine and Rare line. Read more